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Therapeutic Message

Deep Tissue • Swedish Massage • Acupressure

• Gua Sha • Ashiatsu • Cupping 

• Salt Stone Massage 


551 Grand Ave.


Grand Junction, CO 81501

Tel : 970 - 433 - 6431


What is Ashiastu?

Body weight and foot pressure deliver broad, deep strokes. Great for larger muscles that regular massage can't quite reach. Ashiatsu massage with overhead bars has not been practiced on a widespread basis until recently. The roots and history of ashiatsu, or barefoot massage, go back further than one might think. Your therapist is able to maintain consistent deep and broad pressure in the therapeutic strokes because bare feet are used instead of pointed thumbs and elbows. When broken down, the word “ashi” means foot and “atsu” means pressure.

Benefits of Ashiastu

Ashiatsu is a massage technique that delivers up to 3x deeper pressure than conventional hands-on treatment. 

  • Relieves pain.

  • Reduces stress.

  • Increases flexibility.

  • Improves posture.

  • Boosts circulation.

  • Enhances athletic performance.

  • Promotes restful sleep.

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